Amalgam Filling Evaluation

Do you have an amalgam filling you are concerned about?

What is amalgam? 

  • amalgam is a mixture of a number of different materials
  •  amalgam usually consists of about 50% mercury and 50% other metals
  •  amalgam has been used for many years as a dental restorative material for teeth fillings

What are the benefits of amalgam fillings?

  • amalgam is easy to use
  • when filling a cavity, amalgam can inhibit formation of new cavities (carious lesions)
  • amalgam is very durable

What are some concerns people may have about amalgam fillings?

  • you must remove more of the tooth before filling a cavity compared to other filling materials
  • possibility of accumulation of heavy metals in the body due to leaching
  • proper disposal of amalgam waste, contamination of water supply